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Ezekiel Collins

Regarding your question to this specific product, Smofkabifen, peripheral formula, It is indicated for the age for 2 years and above.
The formula comes in volume in 1904 ml. The electrolytes content in the whole volume if patient used all provides less than maintenance requirement,
I support to use this formula for stable patient for short term if he/she doesn’t have any major diseases like heart, liver r renal failure, fluid restriction or multiple or severe electrolyte imbalances,.
It can be infused over between 12 to 24 hrs. it provides almost 1239 KCal for the whole volume (1904 ml) around 20 kcal/kg/day for 60 kg patient weight. and Calories and other Macro and Micro nutrients will be reduced if the volume is reduced.

It is stable for 24 hours after activation the bag. The rate of PN Premix is based on total fluid requirement for the patient.
It has to be attention that fat included in smofkabiven contains different fat sources soya bean, MCT, olive oil, and fish oil). So, it is important to check any allergy to these products.

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