Deborah Wilson

Well, you are right, that was a pretty tough question. I don’t have an answer based on my experience, but I may try to do the next:

– Avoid using high Alu. content products as much as possible, and I think it is affordable to avoid using Sodium Phosphate vials (use Glycerophosphate instead), avoid using Potassium Phosphate Amp. except when there is no choice. Calcium Gluconate glass ampoules is replaced already in the market by plastic vials.

– Avoid using these drugs after one year of its production if you have to use them.

– Avoid combining more than one of these products together if you have to use them.

Meanwhile, if you have a plan to investigate the Alu. contents in your products, I think you can apply the next strategies:

– Take the average of Alu. contents after one year storage, 2 years, …etc.

– Use different Alu. contents for the same product; after one year storage, 2 years, and so on. This is very challenging to be fed on software, but I think it is doable.

– Use the maximum value of Alu. content for each product regardless to its storage time. It is not accurate enough but may be safer than using the averages.

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