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Christian Lancaster
Using organic phosphate  if calcium is  included in PN, it  is based on the volume of amino acids and dextrose .
As you said Organic phosphate 120 mmol /l of Amino  Acids and 48 mmol per liter amino acids  for Calcium (Gluconate or chloride) the study was based on  calcium chloride ( more elemental calcium) which it gives more advantage for calcium gluconate ( less elemental) and you can add roughly up to  5 to 10% to the numbers mentioned above if you use high dextrose in PN.
This is an example for  calcium and phosphate doses acceptable in PN if you use Organic phosphate
Amino Acids 60 gm and dextrose 200 gm in PN:
If you use Amino Acids formula of concentration 15%. This means it gives you 400 ml of  60 gm Amino acids. So, the acceptable can be added to PN for :
  Organic phosphate is          120 mmol organic phosphate _______  1000 ml of amino acids
                                                       x                                     _______  400 ml of amino acids                 X= 48 mmol  Organic Phosphate
  Calcium Gluconate                48 mmol  Calcium                ———      1000 ml of amino acids
                                                          Y                                 ———      400 ml of amino acids                 Y=  19.2 mmol of Calcium

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