• The rapid development of Information technology makes using E-business technique imperative.
  • The successful adoption and implementation of the e-business techniques in organizations back by a lot of advantages, among these advantages: improved decision making process, and better management for the organization info, improve the relationship with customers, optimal utilization of resources, reduce cost and increase profitability .
  • The significance important of business intelligence (BI) is getting to be widely used as big data an analytics and BI have remained the top need of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) for the second successive year..
  • In this study, we will address the utilization of the Business Intelligence Systems in the Healthcare and how it serves decision makers in the decision making process to improve the quality of services.


  • Examine the perception of BI acceptance
  • Examine the Actual use of the BI
  • Identify the satisfaction and impact of using BI
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI) consider as a primary aspect that can help decision maker in Healthcare to make the right decision, which could improve the hospital clinical , financial and operational performance and to improve the quality of services of these hospitals.


The proposed model of this study was developed based on the technology acceptance model (TAM). Quantitative strategy used in this paper with an online questionnaire for data collection.


technology Acceptance Model

Technology Acceptance Model