“prioritise the administration” they said!

New NHS regulations allow contractors to halt other services to “prioritise the administration” of flu and COVID-19 vaccinations in an emergency, PSNC has said.
Pharmacy contractors are now able to limit or stop other pharmaceutical services at “specified times during core or supplementary opening hours” to focus on providing flu or COVID-19 vaccinations. 


A lot of work put to one side still needs to be done if there will be any personnel still standing from the tension of the last numerous months. Why would we be administering an untried vaccine when the mantra of evidence-based choices has been bugled in all directions? The corona virus has actually followed the same pattern of infection seen with other comparable cold and influenza infections. Fast penetration, peak and decrease. The effort to integrate influenza and Covid-19 deaths into one is nothing less than negative - even sinister politics.

There is no good proof that lock-downs have a quantifiable effect in slowing the overall infection rate. The care home scenario was lamentable. However, I am not confident we prevent that shambles re-occurring with a fixation of screening. Patients are terrified of going to for visits if they have one to begin with.

As pharmacists we are here to provide patients with their medication and supply expert guidance concerning this. We are not here to mass immunize the population particularly with a potential COVID-19 vaccine which will have hardly any clinical trials to it, having no concept what long term or even short term effects and understanding that there is no liability being taken by the drug business producing it ought to a client suffer vaccine damage. Has the time not come for all pharmacists to unite and state,' no', we do not wish to belong to this?

We can constantly decline an emergency supply or EHC consultation because neither are necessary services - the concern is can we refuse to dispense prescriptions for part on the day (I state 'we' - I mean 'you') while the vaccinations are being done?

Oh, an extra pharmacist costs that very important commodity - money. That's why it won't occur since that would have to come straight out of the business earnings and the markets and shareholders wouldn't like that!

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