How to Calculate The Dose for Prothrombin Complex Concentrate(Kcentra)

PCC is used for urgent reversal of acquired coagulation factor deficiency induced by vitamin K antagonist (eg, warfarin) therapy in patients with acute major bleeding or a need for an urgent surgery/invasive procedure

Patient’s pretreatment INR and body weight determine dose

Weight-based dose: IV:

Pretreatment INR: 2 to <4: Administer 25 units/kg; maximum dose: 2,500 units.

Pretreatment INR: 4 to 6: Administer 35 units/kg; maximum dose: 3,500 units.

Pretreatment INR: >6: Administer 50 units/kg; maximum dose: 5,000 units.
When using a weight-based approach, repeat dosing is not recommended

Fixed dose: IV: 

Initial: 1,000 to 2,000 units once; for intracranial hemorrhage use, 1,500 to 2,000 units is recommended; repeat dosing has not been adequately studied and is not typically recommended unless INR reversal is inadequate

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