GIOYC stands for "Get it off your chest". At some point of your life you must have known what it's like to have words trapped within your mind.

Below is the third gioyc from Anonymous:

I've been very stressed in the recent months and now with the workload from college I can't afford to relax because pretty much every day I have off I spend hours writing essays. About half a year ago I quit smoking weed and cigarettes and since then my anxiety and stress levels have also been very high. Then college came on top of that and now I'm barely managing. I don't sleep well, I end up being in bed while lectures are online but then I'm missing on what they're saying. Then assignments are taking up a lot of my time and I don't know what to do to lower my stress.

Everyone says "practice self-care" but I don't know what I can do, especially now with the lockdown and the pandemic. Can't even meet friends because everyone lives out of town so I'm pretty much stuck at home. I can't get any rest, I've no way to relax and on top of that I have to deal with my roommates being retards, not pulling their weight around the house so it all falls onto me because everyone else is too retarded. How do I relax? I was thinking of using CBD oil but idk much about it or if there won’t be any side effects to daily use.

John doe // Anonymous

Congratulations on quitting smoking, a friend of mine only managed for 3 months then had a setback. Now it's almost 3 months later and he’s going to try again. Feels bad he wasted three months. Don't make the same mistake!

I don't think that CBD is the right solution.

Saddens me greatly, that your anxiety levels going up. You said you don't know how to practice self-care. Perhaps that's where you should start.

A rhythm for sleeping and waking is really important first of all. Then there's a few things you can do to start the day off well and care for yourself. Shave and shower, or just washing your face.

Since you can't meet friend, how about going outside for walks or sports? I noticed that I felt little anxiety when I was on walks because I went to nature and more quiet spots. Afterwards I felt refreshed and could more easily move through the more busy parts of town to get back home. Maybe that will help you too. College truly sucks and made me want to drown myself in weed and tobacco. Especially during some shitty assignment.

Anyways, the walks should help clear your mind for those assignments. Try to not be in bed for the lectures, you'll learn more. The only sure way to lower stress is by ensuring you feel you can do these assignments so get into the content of the course and make sure you can do the assignments. If you can, try to worry less. If you can't, contact anyone that might be able to help you out.

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Stay strong Anon.


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