GIOYC stands for “Get it off your chest”. At some point of your life you must have known what it’s like to have words trapped within your mind.

Below is the first gioyc from Anonymous:

Two main problems:

-I need to find an internship, but I get rejected every time I apply. I NEED one as soon as possible: 1) to finish my studies, 2) because my family needs money, 3) because I can’t stand to still live with my family and want to have the possibility to move out. It’s stressing me out like hell, and my father is pressuring me to either drop out and work for him in his failing bakery (for free, of course) or get out of our home.

-I live in a dysfunctional family where we don’t speak to each other’s unless we need something, and where every other attempt in communication results in either fights, being ignored, or being answered with the least amount of words humanly possible. We’re not a family, we’re 5 wild animals stuck in the same cage. What hurts me the most is that my parents and sisters are normal with other people, they talk normally, laugh, joke etc… but when talking to family, they become the coldest persons they can be. As for me, even if I try to do my best to connect with others, I appear cold to everyone, and so, I repulse them.


p style=””>John doe // Anonymous

If you have Some advice for Anon, make sure to let them know.

Stay strong Anon.

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