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GIOYC stands for “Get it off your chest”. At some point of your life you must have known what it’s like to have words trapped within your mind.

Below is the seventh gioyc from Anonymous:

Some of my friends keep turning against me. 

I’m not sure what is happening exactly. Some friends have no issues with me and I’ve no issues with them, but some just stop talking to me, get passive aggressive or genuinely act like they hate me. I keep trying to find things in myself that might’ve caused it and I find some things, but they don’t seem THAT bad and I try to change myself regardless, but it’s never something to straight up ignore or unfriend someone over.

See, the thing is, with those people, it just ends at some point, but I never know the cause and I keep blaming myself for it. It’s them that leave tho, every time. See, the thing is, before, when I’d date someone for example, and she ends up leaving, I know what I did that would fuck it up and I change that about me, insecurities, passive aggressive attitude, playing games etc, but I’m aware of those things now and don’t do them. With those people tho, I can’t pinpoint what I did, but I can pinpoint what THEY started, that they made me participate in and then they got upset over, but how am I to blame for it if they caused it? why do I blame myself anyway?


p style=””>John doe // Anonymous

Sounds like the only thing that makes you reflect on your behavior is when people cut you out of their lives, which you make seem like a regular occurrence. That’s a you problem.People have cultural gaps, sometimes, that flies with one person or group isn’t necessarily going to with another. If you can’t read the cues that someone is upset or offended; try to analyse things out when problems starts to escalate and find out if you actually have something to apologize for.Ignore that voice in your head telling you it’s ridiculous or they’re too sensitive, that’s your bar for what you’re willing to stomach. Figure out if you can actually respect their feelings and work around them, if not you can be the one to cut them out. Good luck.

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Stay strong Anon.

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