GIOYC stands for “Get it off your chest”. At some point of your life you must have known what it’s like to have words trapped within your mind.

Below is the fifth gioyc from Anonymous:

My ex fiancé and I recently broke up and i just feel horrible about it. I love them so much and wanted to be with them despite our problems. I wanted to work things out so badly. I told them I was scared of being abandoned and was at a very low part in my life. They went for a drive contacted the police and got me sent to a psych hospital. I suffer from ptsd and they found a reason to bring me in. My ex then packed their bags and left. I feel so torn apart. They still tell me they love me. But I know we will never be back together


p style=””>John doe // Anonymous

Just move on, don’t let toxic people dominate your life. I’m sure it hurts to be left alone by someone you love, but think of it this way .. are they worthy?

If you have some advice for Anon, make sure to let them know.If you’d like to share your own feels, use this link to send it here.

Stay strong Anon.

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