A baby comes to the ER


Mother brought her baby to the ER

Patient history and chief complains:

  • 8m old baby boy.
  • 2 soft stools per day.
  • Recent trip to Brazil.
  • After trip mother noticed 4 loose stools per day (smelly and different colors than usual).
  • Healthy appetite and lifestyle.
  • No current illness in siblings and parents. (No diarrhoea)
  • Working mother (baby attends day care center while mother works)

Physical examination:

  • Healthy baby.
  • Soft abdomen.
  • No masses felt.
  • A. What would be the diagnosis?
  • B. Investigations and advice!?



The travel history indicate a possible infection, so the ER physician orders stool analysis to exclude bacteria, ova, cysts or other parasites.

The basic diagnosis would be {toddler’s diarrhoea}as the baby doesn't have any other symptoms to direct the physician elsewhere.

The mother should be advised to observe the baby diet as follows:

  1. increase FAT in daily diet (low fat diet can induce toddler’s diarrhoea).
  2. Can't substitute water with fruit juices.
  3. Fibers absorbs water in the bowls making stool less watery.

Mother should follow-up with the ER physician for the result of the stool analysis.


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