Monthly Archives: January 2019

Waiting is HELL

We spend almost 95 percent of our time waiting for stuff to happen, activities to do or perhaps things to get done.

I’ve been waiting for the past 2 hours for a friend coming at the airport, the scenario should be familiar as airports have this reputation of DELAY.


Iv admixture is a major deal in any healthcare facility; therefore, the pharmacy is currently brainstorming with the IT department to develop an interface to manage all IV admixtures from physicians, nurses as well as from pharmacy side.

I chose to start with imagining the label for the final product, and added to most of the needed info.

Himss Certification

Got a call from our IT department informing me about getting selected for a task force to get the himss certification for our current HIS. I'm really looking forward to start this project; as we've already been working on a way to improve the Inpatient pharmacy dashboard and all other related modules.

Will be posting updates here once things started to roll on.

New Clinical Support System

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I just received a note that the hospital I’m working in will start a new adaptation of a fully functional clinical support system, and the management decided to include me in the team populating the data tables for the IT department to start the project… YAY!!!