Antacids are basic compounds, which neutralize hydrochloric acid in the gastric secretions. They are used to prevent and relieve pain in the symptomatic management of gastro-intestinal disorders associated with gastric hyperacidity such as dyspepsia, gastro-oesphageal reflux disease, and peptic ulcer.

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Core Values of Respiratory Therapy Unit

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In the daily path of professional activities the Respiratory Therapist shall be bound by the following ethical and professional principles. Respiratory Therapists shall:

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Protocols for External Ventricular Drains

Three distinct purposes exist for the placement of an external ventricular drain like Traumatic brain injury, hydrocephalus and Intra ventricular hemorrhage.

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Pharmacy Interventions Reports

Pharamcy Intervention Report

To Contact physicians by telephone, direct meeting or through a written report if clarification or correction is needed for any medication orders orders/Prescriptions.

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