Genie In A Bottle

A husband and wife were having an argument. Suddenly the husband picked up a bottle lying near him and threw it at his wife. The bottle missed the wife and got into the neighbours’ house breaking the window glass.

Now both the husband and wife got embarrassed and went to apologise to the neighbour. Upon reaching the house, they found out a young man sitting on a couch with a smile on his face.

Before the couple could say anything, the man said, “I am a genie. I was enclosed in that bottle for many years, but you two have set me free, so ask for any three boons you want to and it shall be fulfilled. But against your three boons you will have to fulfil one wish of mine”.

The couple were so happy that they didn’t think twice and presented their wishes.

“I want millions of dollars in my account”, The husband said.
“Done”, said the genie.
“I want diamond jewelleries in all my vaults”.
“Done”, said the genie.
“I want bungalows all over the world”, said the husband.
“Done”, said the geniee.

Now it was the time of the genies wish. “So” the genie said, “I have fulfilled all the three wishes you have said, and its time for my wish. I have not slept with a women for long. I wish to have sex with your wife.
The couple got worried, but the husband explained that it was only a genie and it didn’t matter much to him. Besides the genie has given them a lot of things. So the wife consented.

The geniee and the wife had a lovely night together.

Finally in the morning the genie said, "it was wonderful but how old is your husband?”
“Why, he is just thirty five”
“My god ”, said the geniee, “even at thirty five he still believes in geniees”.